About the foundation

Annual report

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation the purpose of which is to support medical research primarily in the field of rheumatology and preferably at a basic level. The need for funding for research into paediatric and adolescent rheumatology should be taken into particular consideration.

During the year, the Foundation has supported its purpose by awarding grants totalling SEK 2,700,000. At the end of the financial year, grants awarded but not disbursed amount to SEK 2,700,000.

The board has consisted of Margareta Nilsson, Chair, and members Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Ebba Fischer, Lennart Nilsson, Robin Kahn and  Kristina Åkesson. 

Donations to the Foundation

The start-up capital of the Foundation amounted to SEK 3 million in cash in 1986.

A further two donations were to follow, one of SEK 7 million in 1988 and another of SEK 4 million, inherited from Anna-Greta Crafoord’s estate in 1995.