About the foundation

About the Foundation

Anna-Greta Crafoords stiftelse för reumatologisk forskning was established in 1986 by Anna-Greta Crafood, who was widowed by Holger Crafoord in 1982.

As wife of the well-known industrialist and entrepreneur Holger Crafoord, for many years Anna-Greta Crafoord witnessed how rheumatoid arthritis afflicted her husband, eventually causing him to be severely handicapped, suffering extreme pain. Medical science could not cure the disease. Symptoms could only be eased, but not to any great extent.

Anna-Greta Crafoord was aware that the disease is a common one, affecting young as well as old. In the 1970s there was no success in controlling rheumatological diseases.

Anna-Greta Crafoord was very familiar with the thinking in the field of this chronic disease, and she felt deeply motivated to donate to a foundation with the purpose of promoting relevant research.

Anna-Greta Crafoord’s Foundation would facilitate future success of research in this subject area by way of her annual economic grants.

The by-laws of the Foundation state that it shall be a non-profit organization the purpose of which is to support medical research primarily in the field of rheumatology – preferably at basic level. The need for funding for research into paediatric and adolescent rheumatology should be taken into particular consideration.

The start-up capital of the Foundation amounted to SEK 3 million in cash in 1986.

A further two donations were made thereafter. In 1988, the sum of SEK 7 million was donated and, in 1995, SEK 4 million was inherited from Anna–Greta Crafoord’s estate.