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Terms & Conditions 2024

Funding for research

The Foundation will grant funding for research for applicants from Lund University for research within the field of rheumatic diseases. This is applicable for pre-clinical and clinical research. The need for grants for research into paediatric rheumatology will be taken into particular account. The Foundation grants funding for project costs such as equipment, running costs, technical staff, post-doctors, conference trips (active participation required), research exchanges and research visits.

The application must state whether the project is included in or related to a larger project.

Applications for funding can normally be made for one year by an institution, an individual researcher or several researchers. In the case of an application by several researchers, one must be the designated main applicant.

Grants for funding or partial funding of the applicant’s own current position will not normally be approved and should therefore not be taken up in the application. Scholarships are not granted.

The Foundation will be pleased to receive applications for young researchers in the early stage of their career, but may also grant funding for more senior researchers. The projects for which applications are made must be of high scientific quality.

The application period is 15 August 2024 to 30 September 2024.

Applications must include a project summary (always), summary of results from the previous funding period, list of publications since the previous application, and list of submitted manuscripts (if applicable).

This section is mandatory if the application is to be assessed.

The project Appendix must include

  • Summary - brief
  • short background description
  • problem statement
  • newsworthiness of the project
  • methods to be used
  • expected results
  • planned publication of results
  • ethical considerations (if relevant for the project)

The project Annex must be a maximum of 15,000 characters or a maximum of 5 pages, font 11 Times New Roman, spacing 1.0, and margin width 2.5 cm.

The CV should state clearly:

  • university degree (discipline/subject area)
  • PhD (year, discipline/subject area)
  • relevant post-doctoral visits (year and location)
  • docent level (year)
  • current position, period of appointment, proportion of research involved in the position
  • previous academic positions and appointments (specify type of employment)
  • any parental leave etc
  • tutoring experience in the area of graduate education
  • total number (no lists!) of published papers (peer-reviewed original work as well as summaries/book chapters and the equivalent)

The CV should be max. 2 pages.

Applications that do not fulfil the above requirements will not be considered.

Publication List

A publication list with publications from the last 5 years, with the name of the principal applicant in bold, divided into peer-reviewed original publications, reviews/book chapters, and others.

Applications that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.


In general, the Foundation does not grant funding for applications from doctoral students and not normally to emeriti. Further, funding is not granted for study trips, festschrifts or teaching costs. Funding for personal computers is only granted on extremely restrictive conditions.

Applications may not be made for costs incurred prior to 1 December 2024.

The Foundation permits a maximum of 25% of costing supplements (incl. rent) that are directly related to the research project.

Oral references will not be taken into consideration.

For information regarding personal data (GDPR), see our integrity policy at

Notification of whether or not funding has been granted will be given by letter in December 2024.

Payment will be made following a requisition in writing submitted in close conjunction with the use of the grant.

Grants may not be used for any other purpose than those that the Foundation approves. Requisitions may not be made until such time as the recipient requires payment. Grants will not be paid if previous grants have not been accounted for. On receipt of a written requisition, the Foundation pays grants within a period of two weeks, but not earlier than January 2025. Equipment financed by the Foundation becomes the property of the receiving institution. Recipients have a duty, within twelve months after payment, to submit a written account specifying how the money has been used. Failure to provide such an account, wholly or in part, will result in a duty of repayment of a corresponding sum. The letter confirming a grant specifies how such accounts shall be made. The Foundation may grant deferral of such an account if deferral is requested in advance and if the Foundation deems such deferral to be reasonable.

Grants that have not been requisition by 31 December 2025 at the latest will not be disbursed.

The Foundation presupposes that, when results are published, it shall be clearly specified that funding has been received from the Foundation.

The name of the Foundation is Anna-Greta Crafoords stiftelse för reumatologisk forskning (Anna-Greta Crafoord’s Foundation for Rheumatology Research).

All applications must be received latest 30 September at 3:00 PM

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